The top 6 quarterbacks in the NFL

6 Oct

There are 6 quarterbacks that I wrote about as the top 6. The following were my top 6 coming into this season.

1. Tom Brady

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Peyton Manning

4. Drew Brees

5.Ben Rothlisberger

6. Eli Manning

With the first quarter of the season over, the rankings do not change very much.  The only quarterbacks I would take out potentially are the bottom two quarterbacks. Who I would replace them with you ask? Looking at the numbers ; Matty Ice , Matthew Stafford, Philip Rivers, or Tony Romo could be viable replacements.  Eli  is not playing like a Manning, Joe Flacco is being average Joe, and Big Ben is playing not so Big.

Let me turn my attention now to the top four.But first, everyone please stop for two seconds please. Shhh!! Listen and don’t speak.  You are witnessing something special my friends. These are the four horsemen of this quarterback age. Only greatness warrants such an analogy of apocryphal proportions. These four quarterbacks have a combined 6 Superbowl rings, four of the five  5,000 yard passing seasons,and are four of the seven quarterbacks to throw 40 or more touchdowns in a season. Three of the quarterbacks are  top 10 all time in passing yards.(Manning Brady, and Bress. Give Rodgers time, he’s only 29). And ponder this- they still have records to break!! For example, by tomorrow ,Brady should  pass Fran Tarkenton for fourth   all time touchdown in touchdown passes, with Brees being in the top-five in the same category  no more than a month from now.

With that, the top 6 quarterbacks after week 4:

1. Peyton Manning– There is nothing left to say. But I  will say something, due to the fact that there is something  to say about the other quarterbacks. Listen carefully. Manning is 37 years old and less than 2 years removed from neck surgery. He has the most MVP’s, the quickest to 60,000 yards passing, the most pro bowls for a QB, and the most 300 yard passing games all time for a quarterback. He’s the walking record book, the surgeon, Mr. Pre- Snap, the offensive coordinator. He’s already shattered more records this year. His 16 touchdown passes are the most for the first four games of a season, and he has yet to throw a pick.


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